Top Fishing Lure Companies

There are hundreds upon hundreds of lures available made by dozens of manufacturers. Given the wide selection available, it can often be hard to know what baits the manufacturers are known for. Below we will point out some of the most popular fishing lure companies and what lures helped them rise to the top. Before we begin with the list, it is important that adequate research is done when using one of the highlighted lures. Certain lures have certain scenarios in which they perform best, so to achieve your desired results you should use them in their preferred environment.


Perhaps the most well-known company in the fishing industry, Rapala is essentially synonymous with the word lure. Without a shadow of doubt, their most popular lure is the Original Floater balsa wood minnow. This lure has helped propel them to the top as they are the number one manufacturer of fishing lures.

In addition to the Original Floater, Rapala sells a wide assortment of shallow runner baits. These baits are typically used in water that measures 3 feet or less. Such lures include Skitter Pop, Skitter Walk Jigging Rap, and X-Rap Pop.

Rapala also sells medium diving baits and deep sea explorers which can dive to a depth of 10 feet or more. Some of the medium diving baits include Twitchin’ Rap, Long Cast Minnow, BX Minnow, Shad Rap, and Fat Rap.

We believe the deep diving baits are great for luring that lunker up to investigate. These baits include the infamous Down Deep Husky Jerk, Scatter Rap Crank, and the Saltwater Silver.



Berkley is another top fishing lure manufacturer and they are known for their fishing line. However, Berkley produces a top selling line of baits called Powerbait scented lures. We’ve experienced an increase in fish activity when using these baits, and the scented lures really help hold the fish on even longer.

Berkley also developed a line of product known as Gulp! Alive, which simulates bait that would be placed on a hook. These cheap fishing lures have realistic and fluid movement. They are rather lifelike and the Gulp! Alive lineup features baits such as grubs and worms. In fact, there are so many different varieties that you should be able to find the perfect size and scent for whatever terrain you’re fishing in. We enjoy using the Gulp! And Gulp! Alive products and have had great success with them even when fishing off the shoreline.

Rebel Lures


Rebel lures began their ascension with a small plastic minnow that offered increased performance and extreme durability. Years later, that small plastic little minnow has spurred the growth of Rebel lures and the company now offers an extensive lineup of realistic baits. The lures include crank baits and top water lures which excel in catching bass, trout, pan fish, walleyes, and many more species of fish.

Fishing legend Bill Dance endorses Rebel lures thanks to their top selling lures such as the Original Pop-R, the Original Rebel Minnow, and the Big Craw. Some of their top performing lures include the Pop’N Frog, the Jointed Minnow, the Teeny Wake-R, and the Crickhopper. Each of these baits is rather successful in hunting down the big lethargic fish as they cannot resist investigating and ultimately deciding to give them a nibble.

Mister Twister


Mister Twister offers the top rated and highly successful soft plastic lures on the market. These lures have kept them among the top of the list of fishing lure manufacturers as their baits have been outsmarting fish for 42 years. The Curly Tail design of their lures have led to their popularity and they have been implementing new tactics and designs into their lures ever since.

After the Curly Tail design, Mister Twister introduced the Sassy Shad which led to further demand of their products. Since then, Mister Twister has developed top soft plastic lures such as the Tri-Alive which is a bait that features three colors. Other popular soft plastic baits include the Hawg Frawg, the Fightin’ Crawdad, the Jerk Rat, and the Super Lizard II.

Honorable Mentions

Although these companies did not make the top four on the fishing lure companies list, they are still worth mentioning. Some of their lures are very powerful in attracting and enticing different species of fish.

  1. Mepps Aglia
  2. Mann’s
  3. Heddon
  4. High Roller
  5. Venom