Top Fishing Blogs and Forums

Fishing blogs and forums give resourceful information on modalities and techniques for beginners or people who would like to further their information that they have in fishing. Information is given in a vivid and organized way that makes it very easy for everyone to understand.
With thorough research, we have come up with a couple of websites that will serve as a good source of information concerning fishing forums and blogs. They are the following:


It’s all about the bite! We were thrilled by the catching of predators and lures It is one by a person who lives in the east midlands and is fascinated by catching the Zander. He indicates the various ways to getting information on catching the zanders. Major sources that he describes are the books and YouTube. Technology runs the world!


This is an inspiring site that announces Predator classic champions for British anglers. It gives angling information on catching predators and lures. On the other hand it is also inspiration on you and beginning anglers. We wish you the entire best, break a leg!


This is a very resourceful forum with pellucid information concerning fish catching. They begin by giving information on how fish generally behave, this enables the people to know how to conduct themselves in fish harvesting and to know how to deal with different kinds of fish as each of them have a specific mode of behavior.
We were very impressed by their brief highlight on the different kinds of fish that exist. This makes everyone aware of the different breeds of fish that they would like to catch. It is also informative on the health benefits of each type of fish and so for those having an inspired incentive to catch fish on a health basis can now knock themselves out!
Sea safety is also discussed in this fishing forum. This is in relation to the types of kinds there are on different lakes. This comes in handy when people go fishing in that they are always prepared in case of any peril.
We were impressed by the interesting topic on how to fish from different areas, for example from piers, the beach or even from harbors.


This is another blog that we found quite informative and therefore important to recommend. The site gives links that accurately leads to all the information required in order to better ones fishing skills.
We were particularly interested on the link that led to catching of Carp fish. This was appropriately sited in Loire Valley, a 6 acre lake. The fish weighed a breathtaking 60lb!
There is also information to fellow anglers concerning fish catching. It is about the attire to wear when catching the fish. This ensures that one does not get injured in the deep seas. They also advise on the equipment to use that will make the work easy and efficient. Tackle is also talked about in a brief and direct way.
We could not hold back ourselves from noticing the luxurious overseas fish links that they had given for reference. They had given an example of Norfolk site. They have also expounded on the dressing that is most appropriate for the warm tropical regions where mostly fish takes place in. Attractive holiday getaways have also been highlighted which makes it easier for one to choose a good place to go to!


This site is quite catchy as it involves the life experiences of three professionals. To make it more interesting, they fish every single day of their lives. What a passion! They give tips on many topics which are:
• Fresh water fish harvesting tips. They enlighten fellow anglers on how to fish on different water bodies which definitely includes the type of fish likely to be found in these bodies.
• Salt water fish catching tips. This ensures that everyone who goes fishing in salt water lakes knows how to maneuver their way.
• Fish trapping techniques and instructions are also well featured that enable anglers to change their old ways or even make improvements on the new ones that have been discussed.