Frabil Rod Safe Case And Abu Garcia Veritas Ice Rod Reviewed

Just like many other anglers, I have had plenty of rods snap when ice fishing. It’s usually there from having a fish on the line or poor handling of the rod causing it to snap in two. One way to prevent such a disaster is by securing the rod within a protective case.

As I’m sure others can relate, I have tied my insubstantial bags top of my sled and it ends up underneath all of my gear after I have trudged my way to my sacred spot. The majority of the time my rods escape unscathed but occasionally I see a pile of debris that used to be my rod within the case. This is the drawback of a soft case option, of which there are a number of them available. A hard case option is often hard to find or low quality. Fortunately, there are a couple of exemplary hard case options available for ice rods.

Frabil Rod Safe Case

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Frabil Rod Safe Case

A perfect example of a reliable hard case is the Frabil Rod Safe Case. This case is comprised of hard plastic and contains soft foam padding. The case is rather large as it can fit 8 rods combos. If you’re like me, you most likely do not have 8 rods to place in the case which leaves plenty of space for tackle and the ever useful pair of pliers. The case can get a little heavy being stocked with ice rods and gear but the sled does the bulk of the carrying. It seems like a steal at $69.99, especially when you factor in the savings from not having to replace broken rods.

Abu Garcia Veritas Ice Rod

In addition to having a dependable rod case, a sturdy ice rod is always needed. My favorite ice fishing rods are those made out of graphite as they tend to be very light. The Abu Garcia Veritas Ice Rod is a sturdy, lightweight rod that was built with the idea of landing fish in glacial weather. The body and rotor are both made from lightweight stable graphite which gives it added strength and reduced weight along with a smooth three bearing system with an aluminum spoon. Combine these features with its low price of $39.99; it’s no wonder why I selected the Abu Garcia Veritas Ice Rod as my choice for this upcoming winter season.



I firmly believe that the rod and the case will regularly hold up to harsh treatment and that they will last for an entire ice fishing season and then some. I will be sure to post updates throughout the winter months as I test these products and how well they perform. Until then, stay warm and happy fishing!