About Us

Lure-Obsessed is, at its heart, a blog about fishing lures. However, it doesn’t stop us from bringing up other topics that are, in one way or another, related to the art of fishing. As we all know, everything is interdependent in our favorite occupation – from the boots that you decide to put on for your next trip to the river, to such details as, when was the last time you replaced the line on your reel? Success or failure, as well as whether you take enjoyment in this fishing trip and how comfortable you feel during the process, it all depends on a thousand little things. We strongly believe that in order to achieve the most positive results possible, it is crucial to take your hobby seriously and to be prepared for any unexpected adventure.

For our part, we try to keep our blog with such a degree of responsibility that it should be enough to efficiently help make your next fishing trip more successful than the previous one. Whether it’s lure reviews, how-to guides, working fishing techniques descriptions, we like to think that we provide you with valuable information. When we write our articles, we use not only our own experience, but also defer to opinion of the most experienced fishermen. That’s why we would like to enclose our gratitude to the websites on which we find our inspiration and which help us grow professionally! You can read more regarding the blogs and forums where we seek help during the process of writing here.

We are relatively young and cannot lay claim to being the best experts, but we adore fishing and have plans to grow.

Here are our primary missions:

  • Provide valuable, informative, and engaging content.
  • Provide hands-on reviews of fishing tackle (mainly lures).
  • Provide concrete suggestions which efficiency has proven with the experience of a lot of anglers.

IF you want to ask any questions about our blog or you would like to talk to us, you are welcome to reach out.